Petit, Regina, and Jesper Rözer. (2017). De betekenis van vakmanschap voor onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt: een literatuurstudie en operationalisering. Mens en maatschappij, 92(29), 259-287.

summary: Craftsmanship is a popular term, both in the academic literature as in the public debate. However, what craftsmanship means remains often unknown. In this literature review we examined how craftsmanship is and can be defined and how one can become a craftsman. A typology is derived, and later empirically established, in which three types of craftsmanship are defined, based on two job characteristics: the degree of complexity of job tasks and the degree of specialization a specialized craftsman who performs complex tasks, a broad craftsman who performs complex tasks, and a practical craftsman who is a specialist with relatively few complex tasks. Finally, several challenges of vocational education are described with respect to craftsmanship.

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