Bol, Thijs, and Jesper Rözer. (2017). Vakmanschap op de arbeidsmarkt. Een analyse van de arbeidsmarktuitkomsten van afgestudeerden uit het middelbaar beroepsonderwijs. Mens en maatschappij, in press.

summary: Do vocationally educated craftsmen have a smoother schoolto-work transition than graduates with general skills? We analyze this question using Dutch Labor Force Surveys from 1996 to 2012. We fnd that craftsmen who have a very specialized educational degree are less likely to be unemployed at the start of their careers. However, those with a broader educational degree are more likely to fnd a job with a higher job status than graduates with a specialized degree. According to the literature, craftsmen with a specialized education are likely to have difculties later in their career: their specifc skills become obsolete while those with a broader education are likely to be able to be more mobile in the labor market. We fnd no support for this when we analyze unemployment. Craftsmen with a small education remain at least as likely to be employed as craftsmen with a broader education. However, for job status we fnd more support for this hypothesis. The gap in job status between craftsmen with a small and broad education widens over the life course.

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